Kitchen Compost Bins

Odourless. Stylish. Stainless Steel

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Composting reduces our impact on the environment

Approximately 92% of household food waste in Australia goes directly to landfill where it decomposes releasing methane gas, a potent greenhouse gas tens of times more powerful than carbon dioxide in warming the atmosphere. Research suggests that “cutting methane emissions is the best way to slow climate change.”

Our uniquely designed compost bins

Grey Kitchen Compost Bin
  • Ventilation

    The airtight lid includes a ventilated filtration system designed to reduce moisture, the main cause of unpleasant smells.

  • Dual Charcoal Filters

    Double layered filters within the lid help absorb and trap odours and stop them from leaking into your kitchen.

  • No Plastic

    The Compost Co bin is made from high quality stainless steel that won’t rust or retain odours.

  • The Perfect Size

    At 5 litres, it’s compact enough to sit on your bench but large enough to hold a couple of days of food waste.

Composting made easy

Composting at home got a whole lot easier with these stylish kitchen compost bins, designed to sit on your kitchen counter, encouraging you to throw your food waste into your compost bin rather than to landfill.
Easy to clean

Simply wash with warm soapy water and dry thoroughly before re-use.

Suits your kitchen decor

Available in a range of colour. Current colours include, white, cream & grey.

Lightweight with handle

Allows easy transfer to your green waste bin or your garden compost bin.